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Sarah Robinson has been cooking in professional kitchens for 10 years. Sarah has her associates in culinary arts, and is a personal chef. This means she goes to people's homes and cooks them meals to fit their needs, and also caters small scale weddings and events. Sarah lives in the Skagit Valley area, and enjoys using locally sourced food. 


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Personal Chef

Weekly meals:

Having a personal chef is easier and more affordable than you thought. Simply contact the chef, explain what you are looking for, and let her create a menu that suites your needs. Enjoy a home cooked meal that you don't need to leave your seat to make, or meals that are simple to make for dinner, and lunches that are pre made and healthy. Sarah does customized meal plans, the grocery shopping, prepares the meal, and then cleans up the kitchen.She has experience with dietary restrictions such as gluten free, vegan, and food allergies. Please let her know how she can help you. Feel free to send an email for a quote, and get started on your event today!


Dinner party 

Seasonal menus for your next dinner party!

Meals for 2-40

Choose from a selection of decadant menu items, and create a meal that suits your event.

Large Party Menus

For partys 50-200. Please choose from a selection of delicious buffet style meal options.  

Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef.

At Your Service

Tel: 360-913-1581  |  Email:


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Tel: 360-913-1581  |  Email: